Yoga Class and Vegan BBQ

On Friday, Earth Week finishes off in the sunshine outside the Green Villa with a free yoga class followed by a Vegan BBQ! This is a great opportunity to try out yoga and both beginners and more experienced yogis are welcome. After the yoga class, we will put on the BBQ by the Green Villa and enjoy the approaching summer. You are most welcome to join one or both of these events!

When? 19/5 – Yoga: 15:15 -16:15; BBQ from 16.30 onwards
Where? Outside Green Villa at Frescati Campus
Yoga class: Bring your own yoga mat (if you don’t have one, yoga on the grass is perfectly fine)
BBQ: Bring a salad, bread or similar to go with the grilled food. The Earth Week Team will provide delicious vegan food for the grill, but everyone is welcome to bring food to be grilled (just make sure it’s vegan! 🙂 )