Waste Audit

The waste audit was a project which aimed to find out how much waste is being generate and what types of waste are being sent to landfill. The intention was to use this data to provide ideas and recommendations about future waste management strategies for Stockholm University. This project was funded by Stockholm University and was developed and carried out in collaboration with Stockholm University’s Environmental Coordinator, Jenny Lilliehöök.

This waste audit intended to characterize the type and amount of waste being generated in a defined area of the Stockholm University campus. For one day on the 5th May 2011, all of the waste from the main corridor on the 3rd floor of Södra Huset was collected and stored in large skips in one of the waste storage areas. The waste was collected from bins located in the general meeting areas and general walkways as well as from the cafes, shops and toilets on level 3. Nine volunteers participated in the waste audit work from 5pm in the evening until 11pm at night (including a coffee break and dinner). They were provided with lab coats, gloves and masks.

For even more details and the outcome of the Waste Audit 2011 read the following pdf-document, which describes the results explicitly: Stockholm University Waste Audit 2011

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