Stockholm University

We are part of Symbios, an active student group at Stockholm University.

Stockholm University is the best place to get active and to start new things and let your ideas come true. Sthlm Earth Week was just a simple thought of a student six years ago and today it is an established week filled with seminars, film, workshops and other activities. Without the network Stockholm University delivers to its students, all this wouldn’t have been possible. Therefore we want to give you an overlook about the history of our great Universtity. For even more infos and update visit their homepage:

Some historical insights into SU:

The University in the capital that never stops evolving Stockholm University was founded in 1878 as an alternative to the traditional universities in Sweden. Now as then, it stands for openness and accessibility, and it continues to play an active role in society.

Stockholm University College Founded
Stockholm University College is established. The first public lectures are held in mathematics, physics, chemistry and geology, and soon after in cultural history and economics. The tradition of public lectures continues to this day.
Viktor Rydberg
Stockholm University College’s first professor of cultural history is appointed.
Sonja Kovalevsky
Sweden’s first female professor and the world’s first female professor of mathematics is appointed.
University and City in Collaboration
Stockholm University receives the right to award degrees. This process is driven by the city council, which would like the University College to offer legal education, as there is a shortage of lawyers. The law programme is today Sweden’s largest and most applied-for study programme.
Gustav Cassel
Stockholm University College’s first professor of economics is appointed.
The number of students increases from 300 to almost 8,000.
University College becomes University
Stockholm University College receives university status.
Student Explosion and Congestion
The sharp increase in the number of students during the 1960s makes facilities in the city overcrowded.
In 1970 the great exodus to Frescati begins, with the purpose of gathering all activities in a single location.
28,000 students enrolled.
The world’s first National City Park is established, of which the University forms an important part.
The Stockholm Institute of Education becomes part of the University.
Sweden’s Largest University
Stockholm University has more than 64,000 students and 5,000 members of staff. It is the home to the country’s most substantial research within science, humanities, and social sciences, as well as the home of a number of internationally prominent research environments.

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