Lectures and workshops 2013

  • GoEco, an Environmental phone app, a workshop by GAP Sverige
  • SU:s environmental work, by The Environmental Network
  • Seminar with Gustav Fridolin
  • Seminar with Summer of Soil
  • Nuclear debate with GreenPeace and Jernkontoret
  • Solvatten, Social Entrepreneurs
  • International Cooperation
  • Why Wetlands – an interactive walk
  • Skjutsgruppen/Workshop
  • Gräsrötter, engagemang och hur gör man egentligen dialog? Skjutsgruppen – en livlig ideell samåkningsrörelse”
  • Sustainable Investment
  • Sustainable business development
  • Future Development of Climate and Earth System Models for Scientific and Policy Use, by Warren M. Washington from the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (USA). Oraganized by the Boline Centre for Climate Research.
  • Urban Gardening with Gröna Studenter (Workshop)
    Food Workshop with Matlagningsgruppen (The Food cooking group)
  • New Story of The People, seminar by Charles Eisenstein

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