Be part of something NEW, EXCITING and that serves YOU! Haven’t we all wondered how we could lead a more environmental friendly live?  As international Students how to live a sustainable life in Sweden? It can start with a small question: Where we should throw our exhaust oil? – Wouldn’t it be great if you could just download a Phone App and get started? Be part of creating this app, an amazing project of GAP international during Stockholm Earth Week. Imagine you can tell in the future after someone downloaded the app, that you have been one of the persons behind this clever idea.

“Change happens when there is a reasonable balance between dissatisfaction and hope.”

Help us design the best smart phone app for motivating and inspiring people to live more sustainably by telling about your dissatisfaction and your hopes.

During the two hours we will value what is good today, envision what might be, engage in a dialogue about what should be and end with an innovating session about what will be. Join us to be part of this innovative process about how to create sustainable behavior changes.

To assist us, we have three Kaospilot Students from Aarhus, Denmark, and skilled employees from GAP International.


Sign up here: http://globalactionplan.se/goeco-workshop/

First come first served!

Workshop Location: A5137

Who is GAP International you ask?

GAP is a network of organizations working for a common goal:empowering people to live and work
increasingly sustainably
Each member organization is an independent entity with full responsibility for designing and delivering appropriate programs, and for its own funding and financial management.

GAP International

  • supports exchange of experience, including workshops and other events
  • analyses, synthesizes, and acts as a repository for the growing body of knowledge concerning empowerment

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