About Us

An environmental master student, Kyle Verboomen from Canada, started Earth Week at Stockholm University with the vision to bring awareness to environmental issues on campus, and to start a platform where students can meet and share their thoughts. His idea has been growing ever since, and Stockholm Earth Week is now happenings for the third consecutive year! “Earth Week’s are coordinated globally around the Earth Day Network. About 175 countries are celebrating Earth Day or Week annually. So it is really great to be part of this global movement here at Stockholm University”, says Julia Fenkart.

Everyone can take part! Environmental change can happen at several levels – it can start with planting your own herbal garden in plastic bottles or being active on our facebook, wordpress and twitter. Bring your anticipation and join us during Stockholm Earth Week 2016!


Stockholm Earth Week 2011 Article:

Stockholm Earth Week at Stockholm University is a week of events organized by students for students. This week-long event provides an opportunity for students to attract awareness to environmental issues and initiatives as well as social, economic, political and other issues which impact the environment. Students can use the week as a forum within which to organize one-time events, start a movement which they wish to see become a longer-term initiative, or highlight an activity, campaign or movement they are already involved in, etc.
This forum is available to individual students as well as student organizations existing on campus. Cross-campus cooperation is encouraged. A long-term goal of those students who started Stockholm Earth Week is to see it become a cross-campus, community- /city- wide initiative which is recognized and participated in on a large-scale each year.

Funding and sponsorship may be sought, but the issues and activities that occur throughout the week should be a reflection of the interests of students participating in its organization in a given year. This definition of ’Earth Week’ is encouraged to be redefined by those students involved each year to create a mandate that is representative of those students involved. Still, the two core principals – a student-run initiative and an environmental focus, should be maintained.

Ideas for activities include (But are certainly not limited to!):

– Lectures, seminars, debates put on by students, university departments/organizations and people from the community
– Recycling and waste reduction initiatives – e.g. composting, waste audit, reusable/to go coffee mugs
– Energy conservation initiatives
– Petitions
– Eco Fashion Show
– Art Exhibitions and Competitions – e.g. photo, film, speaker’s corner, and other artistic expression
– Film Festival
– Workshops – e.g. bike repair, composting, meat free Mondays, etc.
– Swap Day
– Fair/Expo day to encourage community participation and exposure of environmentally focused
organizations and companies in the community
– Eco pub, party, fika, dinner
– Nature guided tours/excursions
– … the limits of our collective imaginations…!


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