Earth Week coming soon!

Next Week is Earth Week!

The schedule will be out very soon, meanwhile check our facebook page, “Stockholm Earth Week”.
Among the main events this year:

– A political debate with four candidates for the Swedish Parliament;

– A panel discussion on sustainability by SIPRI;

–  Global Playground Stockholm will tell us about Sustainable Living at Gröna Villan;

– The popular Bike Repair is again present and offered by Sportson;

– Learn how to reuse your so-called “waste” in creative ways;

– Come and join us for some gardening and to learn more about permaculture;

– A great AcroYoga Workshop, which stays for Acrobatic Yoga, along with some thai massage and lovely people;

– Gustav Fridolin and Magnus Emfel will be speaking to us during the Week, save the day!

– Refresh yourself with some Lemonade offered by InSect;

– ActionAid will join us on campus;

– Loppis or fleamarket on Friday. Register for the event and bring the stuff you don´t use anymore. Perfect for those of you who are leaving Stockholm soon!


See you very soon!


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