Month: May 2014

Earth Week coming soon!

Next Week is Earth Week!

The schedule will be out very soon, meanwhile check our facebook page, “Stockholm Earth Week”.
Among the main events this year:

– A political debate with four candidates for the Swedish Parliament;

– A panel discussion on sustainability by SIPRI;

–  Global Playground Stockholm will tell us about Sustainable Living at Gröna Villan;

– The popular Bike Repair is again present and offered by Sportson;

– Learn how to reuse your so-called “waste” in creative ways;

– Come and join us for some gardening and to learn more about permaculture;

– A great AcroYoga Workshop, which stays for Acrobatic Yoga, along with some thai massage and lovely people;

– Gustav Fridolin and Magnus Emfel will be speaking to us during the Week, save the day!

– Refresh yourself with some Lemonade offered by InSect;

– ActionAid will join us on campus;

– Loppis or fleamarket on Friday. Register for the event and bring the stuff you don´t use anymore. Perfect for those of you who are leaving Stockholm soon!


See you very soon!