App for a greener lifestyle

by John Karlsson

On beautiful Monday afternoon, at Stockholm University, GAP Sweden was invited by Stockholm Earth Week to engage people in a workshop that triggered ideas for their GoEco app.

GoEco is the working title of a project that is focusing on developing a tool which inspires people to work towards a greener lifestyle.

Discussions around sustainability went on for almost two hours. There the participants were divided into two groups. They were then asked to talk about what they do on a daily basis that promotes a  sustainable lifestyle, what motivates them to live ecologically, as well as what they think motivates others.

Great workshop-forum

Andreas Sidkvist from Global Action Plan enjoyed taking part in Stockholm Earth Week,

–          This is a great forum for a workshop. Our target group will be young people who use apps and smartphones; it’s inspiring to get ideas and opinions from young students.

A quote that was used frequently throughout the seminar was Warren Zieglers:

“Change happens when there is a reasonable balance between dissatisfaction and hope.”

And Andreas is in agreement,

–          Having a workshop gives us people’s opinions on their dissatisfactions and hopes, it’s about trying to create that balance between the two that triggers people to act and choose a sustainable way of living. We are trying to do that in the form of an app.

Good vibes

This is the first time for GAP Sweden to take part in Stockholm Earth Week, and Andreas hopes to be back again.

–          I recieved good vibes from this event, which results in good connections. I hope we can attract more people, especially students, to engage in a more sustainable lifestyle.

We will follow the development of this app with excitement and wish them the best of luck.

Read more about Global Action Plan Sweden here: http://www.globalactionplan.seIMG_3633


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