Month: May 2012

Friday our FINAL DAY!

We look back on a very inspiring and exciting week. Yesterday we had our Eko-Pub at Gröna Villan, we were overwhelmed how many of you showed up and shared a drink with us. Further we want to thank all the people working there, think we kept you busy, thank you for having us!

Moreover BIG thanks to Project Elephant for their amazing accoustic gig! It was a pleasure to have you and THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC! Check them out on FB, Twitter or on Spotify, they are awesome!

But as mentioned we are NOT YET done, today at U10 in Geohuset, we are  having our ‘Living in Waste’-Workshop, come there and get creative, you won’t believe what you can all make out of waste!

Thank you Denis for this pic. More to come!


Tomorrow it’s friday, let’s share the last day of EARTH week at Stokolm Uni !!

 Living in Waste!! 10:00-14:00 U10 Geohouse
Let’s build the eARTh during living in Waste workshop !
Join us for a visit to the recycling garbages in the campus, bring your imagination to create object out of cardboards, plastic bottles, lightbulbs !
 How to make ….
10.15: The milk-box wallet !
11.15: can candle suppport/ ashtray !
12.15: lightbulb plants !
13:15: moss grafitti !
All the time : add your cap to the world ! (creating a globe with beer caps)
                     use the tools you have to create !
                     share your ideas !
And … Bring some recyclings !
Nature Walk to Bergianska Trägärd!  14:00-15:30-ish; Meet at the tbana!
* Walk around the botanical gardens and learn a little about the different species in the garden, Swedish Nature, and a reflection on issues of species diversity and planning!  A GREAT way to spend Friday afternoon! Especially with this weather! Come and enjoy our last event of Earth Week 2012!!!

Green Festival Planning – Roskilde Festival

Today at 13:30 Nordskiöldsalen, Geohouse 

Festivals are notorious for their environmental impact, and waste produced on site. Come hear how Roskilde is plans for a Green event, to minimize the waste produced on site and create an exciting environment for all! 

Sure to be very interesting! And we are doing it Green! Skype interview so they didn’t have to fly in from Denmark. Now THAT is environmental!

See you soon!

Swap Day, Roskilde Festival and Eko Pub, oh my! It must be Earth Week Thursday!

Day 4 of Earth Week is upon us and we are closing in on the end of what has been a fabulous week thus far!

Beautiful weather and amazing guests who have volunteered their time, are making this week a fantastic one here on campus!
Today we have three more events that are sure to provide something for everyone!
Roskilde Festival will hold a presentation about Green Festival planning and their concern for the environmental impact of one of the largest festivals in Scandinavia!
13:30 Nordskiöldsalen, Geohuset. It is on the top floor of the Geo house! 
Swap Day is happening again on campus, planned by Symbios and our very own Student Union! Give, take, exchange your stuff!
Exchange before 13:00, after 13:00 everything is free to anyone who wants it!
10:00-16:00 Glassroom, outside the main library, Södra Huset D

Eko Pub at Greens Villa! And acoustic performance by Project Elephant!
We all love the pubs at Gröna Villan, tonight we have a special treat, Ecological food and good music!
Come one come all, take your Thursday evening beer and enjoy the evening!
17:00-00:00 at Gröna Villan, så klart!
Another fine day ahead! We will see you soon!!!!

Swap Day Tomorrow!

Remember to get that stuff out of your closets and bring them to Frescati Campus tomorrow! You can still drop stuff off all day tomorrow, but the earlier you get there, the better selection there will be!

People have been dropping stuff off all week! Don’t have anything to bring? That is OK, come after 13:00 and it is all FREE!!! That’s right!

Give your room or closet a bit of a facelift, come tomorrow to Swap Day!

Where: Glasrummet, outside of the main library, Södra Huset D

When: 10:00-16:00

Swap day!

Earth Week Day 3: Get out in that summer sun, then spend the evening relaxing with a Plastic Plant!

Hello Earth Week participants! Today is a day to get yourself out of doors and ready for the summer! And, then take a break and take in a film!
We start the day with our Bike Repair workshop with Sportson Cykel, bring your bike, they will repair it for FREE!!!! They are donating their time to help you have a sustainable ride this summer! 10-15 outside the geohouse.
Then at 12:00 starts the Soulfood Initiative and Earth Week ventures into the arts! Break Dance and Improv Theatre are the name of the game, come have some fun, let that tension slide off you! 12-15 on th grass outside the tbana!
Finally, at 18:30, relax in front of ‘Plastic Planet’ followed by what is sure to be a fascinating discussion with plastic researchers from KTH. What better way to spend a Wednesday night? Cinema Politica invites you!
The first two days of the week have been fantastic! Let’s keep it going and get ourselves into the summertime mode! Bike, play and relax your way through this Wednesday!

T is for Thesis, Tomatoes and Tuesday! Happy Day 2 of Earth Week!

We had a great start yesterday and we have a lot more planned for today folks!
At 12:15 we have 4 students presenting their Master’s research on:
– The effects of sea-level rise on sea turtle habitat in Vietnam
– The effects of thawing permafrost on the carbon storage in Siberia
– Green Energy systems in Germany, A Systems Theory Approach
– Sediment heavy metal contamination in Mongolian Rivers
Coffee will be provided by our Student Union. Bring your lunch!
Where: Högbomsalen, Geohouse
Then at 14:00 do some urban gardening with Christina Schaffer and Tillväxt!
Listen to a 20min presentation about urban gardening and then head outside for a workshop! Everyone who comes gets a tomato plant to transplant and take home with them!
Meet at the tunnelbana at 14:00 to get things underway! (Or come to Högbomsalen, Geohuset. The lecture will take place in Högbomsalen first! We had a little miscommunication, It happens!)
Waste Audit – a group of 10 dedicated individuals have donated their time to sort through our school waste in the evening. We will report our findings to you here on the website as soon as they are available! If this is something you want to be a part of, it is full-up! Next year!
Day 2, BRING IT ON!!!
Remember, everything is free to attend, bring your friends!

Taste the Waste tonight at 7!

Tonight at 7 pm, Cinema Politica presents a German documentary that sounds more than promising:

“50 percent of all food is thrown away: Every second lettuce, avery second potato, and one bread out of five. Most of it ends in the garbage before it ever reaches the consumer. And almost no one knows the extent of the wastage.
With ‘Taste The Waste’, Valentin Thurn asks: Who makes the food to garbage? Which consequences does the global food-destruction have for the climate? And for the nutrition of seven billion people? The film finds answers from farmers, supermarket managers, sanitation workers and cooks. In Germany, Austria, Japan, France, Cameroon, Italy and the United States. And it finds people who appreciate our food and have developed alternatives to stop the waste.” (from the press folder)



The documentary is shown in room B5, Södra Huset, Frescati, tonight at 19.00. The entrance is free, don’t miss out on that one!

The German food-lover author: Veronika Martini



So finally it is the 21st of May!

The last few weeks where heavy organisation work and BRAIN WORK, we feel like you see on the picture below, but we think everything was worth it and are super excited to present you the this years EARTH WEEK’12! There is a lot of stuff going on during the whole week, now it is times to meet us in front of the T-Bana station Universitetet for a big Hi5 and to get your schedules for a good overview about our events. See you soon – Let’s kick off this green week together!