Month: April 2012

Bzzz…Bzzz…Bzzz…The Bees are sending a S.O.S! (sign the petition)

In recent years honey bees and bumblebees have alarmingly decreased in numbers. This has had a huge effect on human crop production (and furthermore the economy in the industry), since it’s the bees which pollinate the flowers. Different reasons for the cause off this event – called Colony collapse disorder (CCD) – have been presented through the last couple of years.

Recent studies however suggest that the neonicotinoid pesticide forms should take most of the blame. Products with this pesticide are sold by the chemist company Bayer who denies the probability of neonicotinoid pesticides causing the death of both honey bees and bumblebees.

Today Bayer holds a shareholder meeting, with a counter-motion being presented suggesting that Bayer stop selling products containing neonicotinoid pesticide. If you want to put some pressure on them, you can sign this Avaaz-petition.

Author: Jonas Andersson


Brunch Meetings are Best!

The chair and vice-chair of Symbios and last year’s Stockholm Earth Week project leader, Veronika, Anneli and Elissa, sat down together today for a brunch meeting at Cafe String to discuss Stockholm Earth Week! Yes, it is Sunday, but we are so excited about the upcoming Earth Week, we just had to meet today!

We have so many upcoming events that are in the works. The week is going to be fantastic! While we can’t tell you exactly who is going to be here yet, until we confirm, what we can tell you is that we are looking into seminars and workshops  about urban gardening, and hopefully everyone who attends will gets to plant and take home their own seedling to grow this summer!

We are also looking into outdoor exercise, taking the gym from inside to outside during the summer months!  And of course, showing you how to do this, during Earth Week!

We know for sure that Monday, May 21 we are going to have an opening fair and we are working to get as many of our participants and representatives there to tell you all about the week ahead!  The list of participants is growing! This week we hope to have much more confirmed to tell you all about! Stay tuned!

Author: Elissa Berrill

We are looking for volunteers!

This is the third annual Stockholm Earth Week at Frescati Campus – can you believe it? BUT to make the whole week possible we need YOUR HELP –  we need volunteers! Wanna join in for the fun?

This is a fun-filled week with everything from a film festival, workshops, lectures, a Eko Pub at Gröna Villan, Swap Day, waste audits, a nature walk, and any other idea you might be interesting in organizing! Come and help out during this amazing events and live the campus life even more intense. We are looking forward to meet you!!!!

Next meeting Wednesday May 2nd at 16:15- Ground Floor Geohuset!

Check out our post in the international student newsletter at Stockholm Universtity…

PS: Please check out our events and let us know for which event you can imagine to volunteer, so that we can give you more specific information.

Keep it green, your Earth Week Team

Have you heard? Eko Pub is hosting Project Elephant.

We are very happy to inform you, that Earth Week is having the first time EVER a live gig during the Eko Pub. The Band – Project Elephant

Check them out on spotify:

Contact them under their official webpage:

But these guys are also very active on Twitter and Facebook. Like them and follow them! Keep an eye on Project Elephant. Take the chance to listen to them on a gig while it is still for free! Because they are Elephantastic!

It is time again…

Hi everyone!

It is time for this year’s Earth Week! Wohoo! It will happen the 21st to 25th of May. We have some favorite events from last year that will appear again. Among these favorites we have Swap Day, Waste Audit, Eco-pub, films and a nature walk! We are also planning for a lot of new exciting events. Do you want to participate? Yes we thought so! Keep yourself updated at this website so you know what is going on!